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Nudibranch most colorful creatures on earth

This is nudibranch and nudibranchs are some of the most awesome animals ever. They come in every color imaginable and each one looks like a work of art. They are deadly to other sea animals, but in the coolest way. They have figured out how to eat a certain class of lethally poisonous animals without any harm to themselves, and not only are they immune to the poison, but they reappropriate it for their own use by storing it in their backs!

Nudibranch most colorful creatures on earth

Nudibranchs feeds on one specific food (most of the time on one specific species). This is most of the time polyps (living part of the corals) or sponges. It's extremely hard to find food for a specific nudie species and most nudibranchs that are sold to aquariums die in no time. Nudibranch are also commonly sold for pest control in aquaria. The blue velvet nudibranch consumes flatworms which prey on coral (acropora eating flat worms). The berghia nudibranch is commonly found in the aquarium market for control of the pest anemone species Aiptasia. Unfortunately the berghia nudibranch is very small and is often preyed upon by other tank inhabitants, small enough that even certain coral will consume it. The lettuce sea slug feeds on algae and incorporates the chloroplasts into special organs called cerata, enabling them to utilize photosynthesis for energy. This is the only true decorative nudibranch available to aquaria.

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