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Krzywy Las or Crooked Forest

Krzywy Las or Crooked Forest Poland

These trees in Poland are a man-made phenomenon. The saplings are bent to have the trees grow up in that shape. It is not known for what specific use they are bent in that way. Indians used to have the trees bent in that manner to build boats. If there is only one tree in a forest in that shape, it points to water.

This phenomenon is also likely to appear naturally.
When a field is left unattended, bracken rapidly grows and out competes most other plant species. This is due to its massive growth and suffocation of the undergrowth. When the bracken dies off in the winter, it has a tendency to flatten the saplings. After around 5 years, the saplings will be strong enough to withstand this, and will correct their growth. Eventually the trees form a canopy and block out enough light to reduce bracken growth, eventually killing it.

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